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understanding of cervical cancer

Understanding cancer of the cervix (also called cervical cancer or cervical cancer) is one of the malignant disease in the field of obstetrics and diseases of the womb which still occupies the highest position as a cancer that strikes women (Manuaba, 2008).

While understanding the other cervical cancer is a cancer that is caused by the virus Human papilloma virus (HPV) which attacks the cervix. This cancer occurs in the cervix area that is part of the uterus that connects the uterus to the top of the vagina. The average age incidence of cervical cancer is 52 years, and the distribution of cases reach the second peak at age 35-39 years and 60-64 years. To understand the meaning of cervical cancer itself and what kind of virus (HPV) can be seen in the picture below.

  Based on the results of a health survey by the Word Health Organitation (WHO), in 2010, reported that the incidence of cervical cancer in the world of 500,000 new cases. Meanwhile, in Indonesia itself incidence of cervical cancer is reported as 20-24 new cases of cervical cancer each day. http://samplercoverhapsodyinred.blogspot.com/2014/10/causes-of-lumps-in-breast.html

For example, events in Indonesia is the incidence of cervical cancer in Bali has reportedly attacked by 553,000 women of childbearing age in 2010. A sizeable number and it really should be cautious as an Indonesian.

From the above cases there are about 8000 cases of which were fatal. This is what requires us to be careful. According to WHO, Indonesia is the country with the number of cervical cancer is highest in the world. Given this statement it is specifically for women in Indonesia to be more vigilant and seek to prevent cervical cancer as early as possible.

Cervical cancer is very dangerous, because cervical cancer arise unexpectedly. It is difficult to detect until the disease has reached an advanced stage of this new cervical cancer can be detected. So, it is good to prevent new first treat.

Until now cervical cancer is still the cause of death from cancer in developing countries. The high mortality rate is due to this disease has no distinctive features. To reduce these occurrences, it can be done prevention-prevention programs such as early detection, but this is rarely done, especially in developing countries.

When viewed from the country where the highest rate of cervical cancer kerjadian the country most often found in developing countries such as Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Preventing Cervical Cancer Early
It is better we do prevention early on, as we all know that prevention is better than cure. How can I prevent it? It can be done in several ways as follows.

     Early detection by means consult your doctor. Check your health to your doctor, especially if you feel there are symptoms that are not normal to the feminine area.
     By way of consuming drugs such as cervical cancer prevention herbal medicine. Besides safety, usually herbal remedies cancer also cure various diseases, so it is only with the herbs alone, then you can get many benefits.
     Keep always, for keeping kebersilahan will always provide a tremendous benefit to you, not only can prevent them from cervical cancer, but also other cancers.
     Apply a healthy lifestyle always. Such as diet, be careful with fast food and some additional substances in food.

Those are some ways to prevent cervical cancer, about how to prevent cervical cancer, will be discussed in a later article. Read also the symptoms of cervical cancer and cervical cancer causes!

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